Summary of key dates

The Faculty of Law, University of CambridgeBelow is a list of the last possible dates for each step in the Cambridge LLM application and admissions processes. You are strongly advised to complete each step well in advance of these formal deadlines, since late completion of any step is fatal to your application or admission to the LLM programme. If you need to submit language test results with your application, then early action on this front is especially necessary.

5 December 2023

Deadline for receipt of LLM applications - including language test results.

1 March 2024

All admissions decisions will have been made by the Faculty by this date. However, it may take further time before you receive formal notification from the Postgraduate Admissions Office via your self-service account. Colleges will then consider your application for membership as a separate process at this point.

Summer 2024 (precise date is specified by the Postgraduate Admissions Office)

Deadline for receipt of the paperwork necessary for proof of meeting all your conditions, including the financial undertaking form to meet the finance condition and final transcripts showing that you have met the relevant academic conditions (if any). All these documents are submitted electronically by uploading them to your self service web page. Note the need to complete this step early if you also need to obtain a student visa.

1 October 2024

Start of the 2024-25 academic year.