Papers on offer in 2021-22

The course offerings for the 2021-22 LLM programme are listed below:

Paper 3. International Commercial Litigation
Paper 5. Economics of Law and Regulation
Paper 6. Law and Information
Paper 7. Corporate Insolvency Law
Paper 8. International Financial Law
Paper 9. Corporate Finance Law
Paper 10. Corporate Governance Law
Paper 11. Criminal Justice: Players and Processes
Paper 12. Intellectual Property
Paper 14. Competition Law
Paper 15. International Environmental Law
Paper 16. Constitutional Law of the European Union
Paper 18. External Relations Law of the EU
Paper 20. Law of Armed Conflict, Use of Force and Peacekeeping
Paper 22. Advanced Labour Law
Paper 24. International Criminal Law
Paper 29. International Investment Law
Paper 30. Jurisprudence
Paper 31. Topics in Legal and Political Philosophy
Paper 33. Comparative Family Law and Policy
Paper 34. International Law of Global Governance
Paper 35. History of English Civil and Criminal Law
Paper 36. International Intellectual Property Law
Paper 38. Seminar Paper: Public Law
Paper 41. Advanced Private Law
Paper 42. English, Comparative and Transnational Secured Transaction Law