Academic prizes

The following prizes may be awarded each year for outstanding performance in the LLM Examination:

  • The BRD Clarke Prize for the Best Overall Performance
  • The Chancellor's Medal for English Law
  • The George Long Prize for Jurisprudence
  • The George Long Prize for Roman Law
  • The Clive Parry Prize for International Law
  • The Clive Parry Prize (Overseas) for International Law
  • The Clifford Chance C.J. Hamson Prize for Comparative Law
  • The Gareth Jones Prize for Restitution
  • The Mills and Reeve Prize for Comparative Family Law
  • The 3 Verulam Buildings Prize for International Commercial Litigation
  • The Volterra Fietta Prize for International Investment Law
  • The Sir William Wade Prize for Civil Liberties and Human Rights
  • The Allen & Overy Prize for International Financial Law
  • The CMS Prize for Advanced Private Law

Chancellor's Medal

Certain LLM candidates are also eligible to be considered for the Chancellor’s Medal for English Law. The Medal was named in honour of Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, who was Chancellor of the University. The Medal is awarded "for distinguished proficiency shown by a candidate in English Law and Legal History". Every LLM candidate who is eligible will be considered by the Examiners for the award of the Chancellor’s Medal. Students are only eligible if three or more of the papers which they have offered for examination have been designated as falling within the scope of the prize.

Whewell Scholarship in International Law

LLM candidates in international law are eligible to be considered for the award of the Whewell Scholarship in International Law. The award will be made on the basis of a candidate’s performance in any three of the papers designated as specialist papers in international law, together with a candidate's performance in an additional examination for Paper 40 (the Whewell Paper) on "Problems and Disputed Points in International Law". This additional examination does not form part of the LLM curriculum, nor does the mark awarded in this paper contribute towards the overall classification of a candidate's LLM degree. Instead it is intended exclusively for candidates for the Whewell Scholarship. The examination on "Problems and Disputed Points in International Law" will be held at the same time as the other LLM examinations.